Thursday, January 18, 2007

Presidential Candidates

Who is the best Democratic presidential candidate? Or is it a Republican or other party candidate you favor?
Tell us your choice and why.


evan austin said...

i'm gonna go with Sean Keenen, who was quoted in Friday January 19, 2007's OVN as choosing "Anyone who will pursue war crime proceedings against the Bush Administration, so Dennis Kucinich".

not that i'm certain that Dennis would do that, not that i'm into punishment, and not that i choose presidential candidates based on what they'll do to their predecessors, BUT i do recognize that war crimes have been committed, and we ARE supposed to be a nation of laws, right?


no, i'd mostly choose Dennis because he's an ardent supporter of the campaign to establish a Cabinet-level United States Department of Peace. it would put a Secretary of Peace right there in the President's Cabinet, to advise on nonviolent ways to resolve conflicts. it'd also "research, facilitate, and articulate" those methods and programs (they do exist!) which are already proving successful at reducing violence and increasing person-to-person cooperation and peaceful resolution of conflict. A President who handles conflict without missiles is the President for me.

and, i've never heard Dennis say "yee-haw".

Anonymous said...

Wait, to which war crimes are we referring? The one where we deposed an evil tyrant and at least gave the Iraqis the opportunity to be free (whether that was handled correctly or successfully is a different matter entirely)?

Anonymous said...

and, i've never heard Dennis say "yee-haw".
Is that yet another pathetic attempt to criticize our President because of his accent and mild dyslexia?