Friday, March 23, 2007

Serious Crime Up, Calls down

By Daryl Kelley
Despite an increase in reported serious crime, Ojai was generally a more peaceful city last year than it was in 2005, the city police chief says in a new report.
Although major crime was up 16 percent in 2006 because of more thefts, calls for help to the police dropped sharply overall, writes sheriff’s Capt. Bruce Norris in a report the City Council is expected to consider Tuesday evening.
The new report — a detailed supplement to last month’s statistics for major crimes — also finds that police responded more quickly to emergency calls last year than the year before, and made more arrests on felony charges. But misdemeanor arrests were down, including those for possession of narcotics and drunk driving.
The same trends were found in the Ojai Valley overall.
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evan austin said...

i'm not understanding...
major crime was up, but calls for help were down, and that makes us a more peaceful valley?

sounds more like a vote of no-confidence in the police department.

Anonymous said...

Yes it seems that continuing denial
of problems to appease public safety
image of community is counter-productive and retroative.
Statistics indicate growing problem
and putting it off doesn't deny this.

Lisa Snider said...

I think it means calls over all are down, but the calls they do get are more serious. Less serious crime is down.