Wednesday, May 16, 2007

S. B. Planners Recommend Ojai Truck Ban

By Daryl Kelley
In a potential break through in efforts to limit local truck traffic, Santa Barbara County planners are recommending a ban on gravel trucks from Diamond Rock mine down state Highway 33 through the Ojai Valley, officials confirmed Wednesday.
But that ban – not yet approved by the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors in Santa Barbara – would remain in effect only if Ventura County officials route no more gravel trucks from here through Santa Barbara County.
This potential quid-pro-quo arrangement could be the beginning of a regional solution to the increasing problem of gravel truck traffic on busy two-lane roads not meant for such heavy use, said Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett, whose district includes the Ojai Valley.
“This could set a precedent,” Bennett said. “It’s a very significant development, and it’s the result of the fact that hundreds of Ojai Valley citizens have gotten organized to oppose these trucks.”
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1 comment:

Lockwood Valley resident said...

Hopefully Ozena Sand & Gravel trucks will not travel east from the quarry on Lockwood Valley Road as an alternative, as this fragile road is even more narrow with sharper blind curves that make it impossible for large gravel haulers to stay on their own side.