Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cat Killed By Pellet Gun

Feline suffers slow death after being shot in nose at close range, reward offered

By Lenny Roberts
An adult male cat died after being shot in the nose at close range with a pellet gun Thursday afternoon, according to Ventura County Humane Society director Jolene Hoffman.
The neutered male animal, covered in grease, was brought to the Bryant Street shelter by a man who said he found it, dead, under his car in the 200 block of West Aliso Street.
“The poor thing must have slowly died,” Hoffman said. “I really can’t say how I feel. What a terrible thing. It looks like it was shot point-blank through the nose. The pellet hit his nasal passage and he appears to have suffocated.”
Hoffman said there were no other wounds on the buff- or light-orange-colored cat she described as being in good health at the time it was shot. The pellet was visible and confirmed by Hoffman as the cause of death.
Although it had no collar, tag or identifying chip, Hoffman leaned toward the cat being a pet rather than feral, but was not surprised that no one had called to see if it was at the shelter.
“I think a lot of people assume the worst and that’s never a good idea,” she said. “People should go looking for their pets. If they’re strays and brought here, they’re only kept for one to three days before being transported to Animal Control (in Camarillo).” She defined stray as any animal brought in by someone who says it does not belong to them.
Hoffman said the Humans Society is planning to offer a $500 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who murdered the cat.
“I’m very sad,” Hoffman said. “This is a heartless person who would do that to an innocent animal. It’s just sick. “
Sheriff’s Sgt. Maureen Hookstra said there are no suspects. She urged anyone with information to call her at 646-1414. Tips may be left anonymously.

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Anonymous said...

People who do this are sick. Just like the man who was in court today for beating his lab because it went to bathroom on his floor. They should be caught and have the same fate done to them.