Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Woman Alleges Assault, Robbery

By Lenny Roberts
A 22-year-old woman reported being assaulted and robbed Monday morning in the parking lot of a retail business in Mira Monte. According to investigators, the woman, a Ventura resident, said she stopped at the business on her way to her Ojai job at around 8 a.m.
Sheriff’s Senior Deputy Jim Popp said Tuesday the victim was approached from behind by two men who demanded money and took her purse. The woman also stated that she was hit in the head during the alleged robbery, but was unable to describe the suspects.
Popp said the woman then drove to her place of employment where a co-worker called the police. She was then transported to the Ojai Valley Community Hospital where she was examined and released.
“There is evidence and injury to support her statement,” Popp said.
Anyone with information is urged to call Detective Mark Burgess at the Ojai Police Station, 646-1414.


Anonymous said...

Which retail business?

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know which business. It is really starting to get more like the slums everyday here.

Anonymous said...

Thru the grapevine I heard the "alleged victim" described the assailants as "two male Hispanics" and it was a liquor store where she went to cash her paycheck. Sounds to me like the News is trying to soft-pedal the "hispanic" part of the story.

Lenny Roberts said...

Although the information provided to the Ojai Valley News included the name of the business where this crime reportedly occurred, the decision was made not to publicize it. For the record, the Ojai Valley News was not given a description of suspects other than they were two males. Any factual information about this crime should be reported to Detective Mark Burgess at 646-1414.