Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ground broken for new Ojai ER

$1.8 million facility will be double the size of existing emergency room

By Nao Braverman

Ground breaking for the Ojai Valley Community Hospital’s new Emergency Room was celebrated by about 100 people on Thursday, including physicians, nurses, Emergency Room staff, members of the OVCH Foundation, the OVCH Guild, and the local community.
“It was a real sharing of the progress that has been made,” said Nita Whaley, a board member of the OVCH Foundation.
In the year 2000, a community survey by the OVCH Foundation showed an improved Emergency Room was a top priority.
After OVCH’s merger with Community Memorial Hospital two and a half years ago, Ojai resident Chilant Sprague, who passed away this fall, provided the seed money for the Emergency Room. The Community Memorial Hospital then agreed to provide additional funds and partner with the OVCH Foundation and OVCH Guild to build the facility.
The new Emergency Room will be twice the size of the old one, going from three beds to six, and will offer greater privacy and comfort for patients and their family, said Whaley. A new waiting and admitting area will also be added to the facility.
The community is paying for at least half of the $1.8 million project through the OVCH Foundation and OVCH Guild.
“The proceeds from the last three Nightingale Balls, which were very successful, have gone toward the Emergency Room,” said Whaley. Construction is expected to be completed next summer, she said.


Anonymous said...

A 2 hour visit to the Ojai emergency room is about 300 dollars and thats after they have billed your insurance company. I would like to hear anybody elses take on the price for their E. visit.

Anonymous said...

dido $300.00

Anonymous said...

So, what do the two above comments have to do with the story. And I think the second comment meant "ditto". Should have found them under the Rambling Rants

The local ER is long overdue for an overhaul. The valley should be grateful to the contributions Mrs. Sprague made to the hospital, which includes donations besides the ER funds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the late Mrs. Sprague.

Anonymous said...

Finding new and interesting ways to rip us off!!!
(admin. not the donors)

12/13 9:27 4 letters 5 numbers 2 symbols

Are you naturally hyper-anal or did you learn that also?
You really have issues!

demand civility and respect said...

I liked 12/13 9:27's comment.

Anonymous said...

So you can make diamond's too??