Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chain Measure Signed By City

By Nao Braverman
City attorney Monte Widders completed the ballot title and summary for Kenley Neufeld’s proposed initiative on April 19 and signed it earlier this week.
The initiative is intended to regulate the location and operation of formula retail and restaurant establishments, within the city limits, in order to maintain Ojai’s character, and the vitality of its tourist economy.
Upon receiving the ballot title and summary, Neufeld published an ad for his proposed ordinance in the Ojai Valley News and will begin collecting signatures today. If Neufeld proves that he has the support of 15 percent of Ojai’s registered voters, approximately 750, the council will be required to either adopt the ordinance, hold a special election or order a staff report related to the topic.
He has 180 days to gather the signatures. If he obtains the required number, they are all verified, and the council decides to hold a special election, it must be held no more than 88 days and no less then 103 days after the council approves it.
Neufeld said he is fairly confident that he will obtain signatures from at least 15 percent of registered voters and hopes to get a significant percentage over the weekend.
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