Thursday, April 26, 2007

Golden State Water Reps Face Critics

By Sondra Murphy

Ojai resident Bob Daddi addresses the Golden State Water Company representatives at Wednesday night’s meeting at Chaparral Auditorium.

The crowd was smaller and less hostile at Wednesday’s Town Hall II meeting hosted by Golden State Water Company. The water company filed a general rate case application with the California Public Utilities Commission in January requesting a revenue increase of 43.95 percent for its Ojai customers in 2008.
Those customers who already pay the highest water rates in the Ojai Valley have met such a large increase with alarm.
The 50 people attending Town Hall II were treated to over an hour of presentation about the costs of delivering water to their Ojai customers and the investment in infrastructure made since 2000. Spread sheets and calculations were projected onto a screen while a dozen Golden State employees were on hand to address questions left unanswered from Town Hall I held March 19. These subjects included rate surveys, follow-up on service issues, rate design, infrastructure improvements, finances and shareholder return.
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