Thursday, November 15, 2007

Burglars Slash Ojai Playhouse Screen

New owners scramble to find replacement

Thieves sliced through the screen at Ojai Playhouse either late Wednesday or in the early morning hours of Thursday, causing an unknown amount of damage and perhaps delaying the local premiere of “Bee Movie.”
The burglars stole a safe, a small amount of cash and about $300 worth of candy, said owner Kathy Hartley. They also wrote an obscenity on the floor with salt.
The amount of damages had not yet been determined, but Hartley said it would be substantial. Staff was urgently seeking a new screen or figuring out a way to repair the damage, so the shows could go on.
According to Capt. Bruce Norris, Ojai police chief, the thieves likely entered through the rear of the building, knifing open the screen to gain access to the interior of the downtown landmark.
“We’re going to focus more on patrolling the business areas of town,” Norris said. “Something to do is to leave lights on at night to deter these kinds of crimes.”
— From staff reports

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evan austin said...

i'm saddened by this news, and i'd like to believe that the theater and its new owners have the support of the community in making the repairs and being more secure. you certainly have mine.