Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Tree Falls In Ojai

Photo by Rob Clement

Sunday afternoon marked the final day standing for the ancient valley oak on the corner of Grand Avenue and Park Road. Tom Bostrom, chairperson of the Ojai Tree Committee, spoke to those gathered about valleywide tree health and the likely causes of this particular tree’s demise. He cited the close proximity of both the street and the power pole as being key players in the relatively rapid decline of the tree’s health. Chumash elder Julie Tumamait led a ceremony celebrating the life of the oak, burning white sage and inviting those present to leave offerings of tobacco, acorns and prayers, saying, “We are sorry for driving this pole into the heart of your roots, and we thank you for all that you have given — we thank you.”


oboy said...

I miss this tree! I am driving by there almost every day and the place feels now empty.
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James Hatech said...

Whosethe jerk that attaches their website to a blog? Just another example of some liberal trying to turn a profit at the environment's expense. Al Gore, we've had enough!

James Hatch said...

That's James Hatch! Who changed it to hatech. . . Just another example of the liberal left wing trying to censor free speech.

Big John said...

Enough with the trees already!! These trees are a danger to to public safety. A few winters ago I was almost killed by a falling tree. You now what I did after that; I went home, fired up my chainsaw and buzzed down every tree in my yard. My view is better, my children are safe, and the fire hazard has been lessened. Washing my concrete driveway is so much easier without a bunch of stupid leaves.