Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Arrested In Fox Street Shooting

By Lenny Roberts
Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff's Department's Gang Unit arrested two men and a 17-year-old juvenile Tuesday night on suspicion of the attempted murder of a alleged OSL gang member Jan. 5 on Fox Street. The unidentified juvenile victim was shot in the leg and sustained a non-life-threatening injury, according to authorities. Twenty-year-old Jesus Moran, the suspected driver of the Dodge Charger from which three shots were allegedly fired, was originally arrested by Ventura County Gang Unit deputies Jan. 11 in Bellflower, but released the next day after posting $20,000 bail, according to court records. On Tuesday, along with the juvenile, the alleged shooter, 20-year-old Jesus Leon, was arrested in Downey. Investigators served a search warrant in the 10000 block of Mapledale Street at Leon's residence and seized gang paraphernalia and a large quantity of marijuana. Both the juvenile and Leon are listed as residents of Norwalk. The incident was prompted by "some sort of confrontation," according to Sgt. Bill Schierman. The weapon, a .25 caliber handgun, has not been recovered. Schierman said all three suspects are members of a Los Angeles County-based gang, the Grape Street Watts. Schierman said surveillance video provided by the Big 5 sporting goods store in Ventura showed the suspects buying ammunition that matched evidence found at the scene of the shooting. He added that the suspects were in Ojai to visit a friend of Moran, and the shooting happened after a random encounter. The two adult suspects were booked into the Ventura County main jail and the 17-year-old was booked into juvenile hall. Leon is being held at the Ventura County Jail on $500,000 bail.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Lenny.

Anonymous said...

Are any of the people who originally bashed the cops when this shooting took place going to do the right thing and offer them humble apologies and congratulations?

Of course not, but someone needed to point that out, so I did.

concerned citizen said...

It must have been alot of good old fashioned detective work. That is what these guys are paid for. We are thankful for the arrests. BUT let's not drop our guard. Let's keep our eyes and ears open, and let the cops know if you see activity that is suspicious. Our eyes and ears all totalled can be an immense help. Six or eight cops cannot be in all places at all times. AND also keep an eye on the cops. If you see them sitting in the Ojai Ford parking lot facing the Ojai Valley Inn golf course, let their boss know. Unless there is a crime going down on the golf course, that is a waste.

Anonymous said...

If you see them sitting in the Ojai Ford parking lot facing the Ojai Valley Inn golf course, let their boss know.

Why don't you just walk right up to them yourself and make your concerns known?

Anonymous said...

So, the guy has bailed out already? I would be a bit uncomfortable if I lived on Fox Street.

James Hatch said...

Job well done. If law enforcement had ability to preemptively strike, in form of injunction, the gang infestation could be dealt a deadly blow. Eradicate them!

Why are three gangbangers from L.A. in Ojai? Ojai's injunction should preclude gangmember from any area from coming to Ojai. Any gangmember found in Ojai, that is not a resident of Ojai (Resident meaning a citizen over the age of 18), would face automatic 60 days in jail. Note that illegals that are affiliated with gangs even though they might live here, would be considered nonresidents and subject to penalty.

Who is the friend that lives in Ojai? He should be charged as an accomplice.

Ojai should send that message that we'll send them home in body bags.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, James...that'd stand up to a constitutionality challenge in the Supreme Court. You betcha.

If your spine is as big as your mouth and your ego, why don't you just put the little crimies on notice yourself, and in person?

Anonymous said...

The 4th poster suggests approaching the police to confront them. Police usually do not seem to appreciate being approached and confronted. They seem to be more comfortable being the approachers and the confronters. I would agree it would be safer to contact their superiors if there seemed to be something that needed to be addressed. They are public servants, after all.

James Hatch said...

Constitutionality? Is that a word? So criminals engaged in criminal enterprises are now somehow a protected class worthy of constitutional safeguards? Maybe in your pinko liberal pamphlets, but not in my book.

When you join a gang, you forfeit certain rights, like freedom of association, freedom to travel. Like your rights, then don't join.

The Constitution now stands in the way of the defense of its citizens? The Constitution now protects the thugs at the cost of law abiding citizens?

As far as I'm concerned, accountability takes a back seat to your "it's society's fault" blame game.

Anonymous said...

Constitutionality? Is that a word?


Try reading something besides this blog. Maybe you'll learn something.

As it stands right now, you know nothing at all, and you prove it every time you comment here. But, feel free to keep exercising your right to expose yourself in public, figuratively speaking.

I, for one, REALLY REALLY hope that you run for a Council seat.

I really, really do.

But then, you weren't even willing to do an interview with the OVN, were you?

Anonymous said...

I would agree it would be safer to contact their superiors if there seemed to be something that needed to be addressed.

What would you do if their supervisor suggested that you all sit down together so that you could talk to the deputy about your concerns? It's a possibility.

They are public servants, after all.

Well, they are public employees. I don't know about that "servant" word, though.

fairly good reader said...

I, for one, seem to recall seeing the motto on the doors of police cars, LA maybe, "to protect and serve" which leads me to believe that they are self-proclaimed servants. Their words, not mine.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, seem to recall seeing the motto on the doors of police cars, LA maybe

Well, that's your problem right there. This isn't L.A.

Anonymous said...

You are SOOO right. This ain't LA, and these ain't LA cops. Our cops would cry if they had to patrol the mean streets of LA. Been to the corner of Vermont and Normandie lately? Bet not many of our local finest would be cops if that was their beat.

Anonymous said...

Been to the corner of Vermont and Normandie lately?

No, and neither have you. However, if you think L.A's the place to be or the place to copy, then you don't belong here.

James Hatch said...

Anonymous supports anarchy and vigilante justice: "why don't you just put the little crimies on notice yourself, and in person?"

Anonymous thinks the Consitution protects anarchy and crime: "that'd stand up to a constitutionality challenge in the Supreme Court. You betcha."

Anonymous is a loud mouth that adds nothing to the real issues. The real issues are what face us today. James Hatch recognizes the real issues, and offers real solutions. The fact of the matter, is that James Hatch recognizes a problem and institutes a solution.

Anonymous said...

Here are my opinions regarding the tedious character known as "James Hatch":

"James Hatch" is a generalizing pinhead sockpuppet who needs to put down his beer and go out and see the sunlight.

"James Hatch" is the construct of what would seem to be an unwell mind. This character adds comedy relief to this blog, and nothing else at all.

"James Hatch" is a non-existent being who will never run for any office; whose interviews will never be printed anywhere, and whose photo will never be seen in the OVN.

"James Hatch" is a fictional character without an address or a phone number or a website or any other kind of physical presence in the real world. He has no credetials whatsoever. None. Zero credibility, too. He fantasizes that he can talk the talk, but he can't, and he probably can't even walk at all, figuratively speaking.

"James Hatch" is likely more than one person, given the varying "hand" of his assorted comments. (Either that, or "James Hatch" has a multiple personality disorder.)

"James Hatch" is a troll who never answers a direct question with a direct answer, and who might as well be an ELIZA program for all the good he brings to any topic.

I love the ironic humor inherent in "James Hatch" calling anyone else a loudmouth. As far as "James Hatch" having the solutions to any problems, we have no idea what those solutions might be -- we just hear that he has them. Top secret stuff. Yawn.

James Hatch said...


Thank you for your support. As I said before, you bring nothing to the table. You continue to hide in the dark recesses of insanity.

I am James Hatch. You are anonymous. You might as well pen under the name John Doe. It makes no difference. You make no difference. Your rants are those of an emotionally charged lunatic with no basis in truth or logic.

Remember a mad player is a bad player. Why do you think I continue to "one up" you? Superior reasoning and intellect? Obviously, but even more: James Hatch stays cool and calm under pressure.

By the way, you never addressed your unfounded proposition that the Constitution protects criminals. I am not surprised.

James Hatch is one person. On only several occasions has an imposter surfaced under my name. The hand is one. The pen is mightier than the sword, and I yield ink as if though slashing through the evil vanquished: swift, accurate, cold, and true. This is unlike the fuzzy liberal whining coming from your mouth that is fed by the government trough.

Remember, Anonymous, just because you have access to the internet at the public library does not mean you need to use it. Get a job! Get an opinion supported by facts!

Wake up and realize that James Hatch is for real. James Hatch has the support of over three hundred organizations, and concerned citizens throughout this valley. When you've been here as long as I have, your roots run deep.

I can only conclude that gangs are not a "problem" in your mind, and an injunction is not a "solution", to name just one of my many worthy ideas.

Anonymous said...

I think you need help. I hope you get it before you hurt yourself or someone else.

James Hatch said...


Grow up and get lost. When you bring something to the table, maybe then you can return.

I have given you every opportunity to explain why you thought my proposed injunction was unconstitutional. You have repeatedly failed to respond. Now's your chance to address issues rather than name call.

Anonymous said...

If and when you ever bring anything to this blog (and the world in general) maybe I will return. Until then, I still think that you're unwell and that continuing to poke at you would be like poking at a disabled person; it would be cruel, unnecessary, and evil.

Have a nice life, and get some help.

James Hatch said...


The only thing you have established is that you can't back up what you write (unconstitutionality). Why then should I believe that you will ever leave this blog? The fact is that you have been writing here and threatening to leave like a little spoiled schoolkid for months now (really, really).

I offer you one more chance to salvage your reputation, albeit an anonymous one, and educate the readers on how the Constitution protects gangbangers.

Is the delay because the ACLU hasn't returned your phone call?

ojai progressive said...

phalarope and james stop bickering. you both already look like trolls -- stop acting like them!!

Anonymous said...

When spaz zapper talks to trolls he looks like a troll, too.

Ojai Pixie said...

Spaz & James,
I know the both of you, and I know are Ron Paul supporters. Let's find some common ground OK...

Anonymous said...

What does Ron Paul have to do with this thread?

Ojai geographer said...

Normandie and Vermont DO NOT intersect; they are parallel.
You guys are really hurting your credibility, here.

James Hatch said...

I do not know anyone by the names or nicknames of Ojai Pixie, Spaz Zapper, or Phalarope.

Anonymous said...

I do not know anyone by the names or nicknames of Ojai Pixie, Spaz Zapper, or Phalarope.

Go back to sleep, sockpuppet. Apparently there was a dimensional rift that allowed a few Post Toasties to mometarily exist in this alternate universe.

Is all feex now.

Go back to your beer.

James Hatch said...


What happened to your threat of leaving? Why haven't you left? Your crediibility is worthless. You're nothing but hot air.

Once again, tell me how my proposed injunction is unconstitutional. I would love to hear what a genius legal scholar such as yourself has to offer.

That is, anything other than casting stones.

Anonymous said...

You're nothing but hot air.

The perfect mate for you, then.

Anonymous said...

James Hatch -
SpazZapper is a renowned clogger & improvisational dancer who has performed throughout the greater valley (w/jack johnson @ libbey park, farmers market, corral gables, "you tube"). You are merely a fly in his ointment!

James Hatch said...


I'm sorry to see your Valentine's Day is so lonely. I'll pass on your offer of courtship.

Once again, why is my proposed injunction unconstitutional?

To the second anonymous, you can keep your inner circle humor re spazzappera to yourself. Yours is a circle I am inclined to avoid. It is your circle that I have watched fail in their attempts to claim this town as their own, yet you are still sadly on the fringe. Somewhere, over the rainbow, their is a place for you. Move on and maybe you will find it.

james hatchs' mother said...

It's "unconstitutional" for the simple reason you thought of it, and you because you are a braying ass. Go back to cleaning bed pans...

Anonymous said...

"Fringe, Crackpot" these are devisive terms of stigma and cowardliness coming from someone who never registers their actual
identity in the local political process except from the safety of
isolated fear. James Hatch you are a classic Chicken Shit.

Anonymous said...

As a private citizen who unwillingly found themself in a public race for local government, I felt it was time for decision makers to step out of confines of city hall to effect policies that benefit public safety,community values and a responsive local governmentand not special interest groups. James Hatch will never
even register his true identity
but will forever be an enigma. PL

James Hatch said...

You remain anonymous, therefore you are cowardly. Good one, anonymous.

Since I thought of the idea, it must be unconstitutional. I gave you more credit than you deserved by thinking you actually had a legal basis for your constitutional opinion. My mistake.

Keep up the namecalling. It's about the only thing you appear able to do.

Anonymous said...

James Hatch assumes that every "anonymous" is the same person.


James Hatch said...

The irony of the fear in one who remains an "enigma." As if it is a threat. Pick up a history book and read about pamphleteers who wrote under psuedonyms before the Revolutionary War.

The real joke, and I can only assume it is a joke, is the pot calling the kettle black. Anonymous says that James Hatch is chicken. Ha ha. I hope one is not so blind to not see their own blatant hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

The real irony here is that the person calling himself James Hatch is not actually named James Hatch.