Thursday, April 17, 2008

Henney Named New Football Coach

“Even though we’ll be running some new stuff, all of our traditions will remain in place. This program was built on tradition and I want that to continue.”

By Mike Miller
The Nordhoff Rangers football team has found its new head football coach and they stayed within the Ranger family to do it. NHS principal Dan Musick announced that the school has hired 1995 graduate, Tony Henney, to lead the football program. “I am very pleased that we were able to hire Tony. He is a terrific person and we are excited to have him as our football coach,” said Musick.
Henney was born and raised in Ojai and played for Cliff Farrar in 1993 and 1994. He was a wide receiver on the team that went to the CIF finals in 1994. Henney’s coaching career started at San Luis Obispo high school, where he was the team’s receivers’ coach before being promoted to offensive coordinator in 2004.
He continued to lead the Tigers’ offense until 2007 and then most recently, he was hired by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a defensive backs coach before learning of the NHS opening.
Being the head coach for the Rangers has been a longtime goal for the Ojai native. He said, “I have thought about it since I was about 7. It has always been in the back of my mind, but you can never really tell what will happen in coaching. Cliff was here for a long time and when I heard that the change was made and this position was open I started to get really excited.”
Henney was in town to meet with his new team and his coaching staff on Wednesday. He said, “I thought that the meeting went really well with the kids. They were excited to see me and I was excited to meet them. I just outlined what they can expect from me and what I will expect from them. Even though we’ll be running some new stuff, all of our traditions will remain in place. This program was built on tradition and I want that to continue,” said Henney.
The Rangers will have a little different look on offense next year according to their new coach. “We’ll run more of a pro-style offense. It is a lot like what USC runs. Our defense will be very similar to what Nordhoff has done in the past. It will be an attacking style,” he added.
The Rangers’ current players are starting off with a clean slate in the eyes of their new coach. Henney said, “I don’t know these kids that well. I have broken them down on tape obviously, but I am coming in with no preconceived notions. That is good and bad for the players. If they played well and they were good citizens, they are going to have to prove that all over again and they will have to earn playing time from me. On the flip side, a kid that might have made mistakes in the past now has a new start.”
As for the coaching staff, Henney fully intends on keeping the staff that is currently in place. “First and foremost, I want the coaching staff that is in place to stay. I am meeting with them later and I will make sure that they understand that. I will also be recruiting some of the former Nordhoff players to come help out the program. It is important to me to surround the program with former Rangers. They understand Ranger tradition,” he noted.
In closing, Henney thanked the man that he is replacing. “I’d just like to say that I am excited to be back in the community and I am ecstatic to have this opportunity. I obviously wish Cliff well at Buena. He has been a mentor to me and I really appreciate all that he has done for me and this football program.”


Anonymous said...

oh I guess everyone forgot that he was fired from NHS for drinking with students.

Anonymous said...

As a former player for both Coaches (Farrar and Henny) I believe that this is exactly what Nordhoff needs... Ya he may as well been drinking with the students but if you reprimand him for that you might as well reprimand 50 percent of the parents in Ojai

Anonymous said...

We have a social host law that would reprimand those parents. As a parent myself, I certainly hope that ANY adult who serves one of my children alcohol, or condones its use by minors is fined and, if a teacher or coach, fired. I find it hard to believe that a better role model could not be found.

Anonymous said...

...Some very closed minded people down in Ojai... forgive and forget. Everyone deserve a chance to make up for past mistakes. You must have all been perfect your entire lives. Tony is a good person and deserves this. A good role model is someone who betters themselves after making a mistake.

PORCHE said...

Henney lead the first eagle’s team all the way to the championship and won. I was on that team and I know for a fact that he is a great coach and will do well and Nordhoff. Many of you parents may not like him for what he did in the past but his name is as well known and respected at Nordhoff as Hawkins, Reed, Kaiser, Strong, Witcomb, and Farrar. So just give him a chance to bring Nordhoff its first CIF campionship. FOC!