Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Loes Named Ojai Officer Of The Year

Deputy selected from among 39 assigned to Ojai Sheriff's substation

By Lenny Roberts
For the past nine years, Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Loes has dedicated himself to law enforcement in the Ojai Valley. That dedication recently came to the attention of the community when he was overwhelmingly selected by his peers and supervisors as the Ojai Valley’s Officer of the Year for 2007-2008.
“Chris is very deserving of this honor, and I’m proud to have him as a member of the team,” said Ojai Police Chief Bruce Norris.
Norris explained with a station full of hardworking and conscientious deputies who work together day and night under the most difficult of circumstances, the selection process is not easy, and the 39 deputies assigned to patrol the city and unincorporated areas of the valley must know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, personalities and character.
“If I have a difficult case to work, I call on Chris,” Norris added. “He is one of the most effective and tireless deputies I’ve met. Though easy-going and friendly, you don’t want him after you if you’ve committed a crime. He has great investigative skills, and he has a knack of being in the right place at the right time. It’s deputies like Chris who help keep the crime rate low in the Ojai Valley.”
Loes started in law enforcement as a reserve police officer with the Santa Barbara Police Department, and came to the Sheriff’s Department in 1994. After graduating from the Sheriff’s Academy, he was assigned to the main jail where he worked for less than a year before his first patrol assignment in Camarillo. He is one of Ojai’s four field training officers and a member of the Ojai bike team.
In 1997 he received the department’s Medal of Merit for assisting his partner after a near-fatal car accident. In 2002, he was chosen as the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Officer of the Year.
“Chris has been in law enforcement for 16 years, but still works with the enthusiasm of a rookie deputy,” Norris said. “He is consistently in the top third in the station in arrests and field contacts. His patrol sergeant says he has one of the strongest work ethics he has seen, and he never says no to an assignment.
“When I told Chris he had been selected as Officer of the Year, in his respectful and humble way, he tried to convince me that others in the station were more deserving. He did his best to decline the honor, saying, ‘I don’t need the recognition. I just work hard and do my job.’ I finally had to tell Chris he didn’t have any choice.”
Loes lives in the valley with his wife, Laura, and their children, Caprice, Delaney and Jacob.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to officer Loes! Keep up the fine work.

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I see we're editing and trimming comments now.


Too bad Low isn't going to be the new Police Chief. At least he lives in the Valley and seems like a humble, modest family man.

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Don't censor me said
"it called censorship new weapons used in Iraq ..."

This is not an appropriate post for an honored deputy. That's why the link has been pulled, not censored. You are welcome to repost this on the Rambling Rants blog.

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If you want people to use the rambling rants blog it should accesable from the news blog page. You should not have to type in a search to find it. The point that you have set it up this way is so no one will read it. Right?

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"I'm sorry if you can't see it directly below the four listed news stories."

Sorry I dont this is the page I use to get to the blog

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Is this china?
"This is not an appropriate post for an honored deputy. That's why the link has been pulled, not censored. You are welcome to repost this on the Rambling Rants blog."

September 11, 2008 7:17 AM

Strange on 9/11 freedom is dead. Call it what ever but the truth is ITS censorship. DANGEROUS GAME BUT YOU CANT CENSOR EVERY ONE!!!!!

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Restore the removed comments if they were not offensive etc why would you remove them? just change the rules to say if admin does not approve you cant post at-least be honest about your actions!!! To all the obama supporters you are voting for terrorist activity. Don't vote send them a message that the rigged bs stops now we have the power use it

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Agree vote third party

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My concern is that a vote for a third party is a vote that sees McCain/Palin take office. This one's for the species, folks! No messing around.

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big 10/4

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James Hatch was just endorsed by Gov. Palin.

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Lenny~ Maybe you guys should change the rules to that these fruit cakes need to stay on subject they put the same post on every blog, You guys are not being sensored, just put back on subject, let Loes have his spot light for a minute.