Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ojai generous to politicians

By Nao Braverman

Ojai may be small, but locals continue to contribute to politics in healthy proportions.
Ojai Valley residents spent a total of $288,162 in donations to political candidates and organizations in 2008, about six times the average ZIP code, according to, a web site that tracks political donations. That doesn't count the $8,127 in donations from people living within the 93024 ZIP code area.
The figures beats $142,776 total political contributions from the 93023 ZIP code in 2004, which was only four times the average ZIP code for that year, and the $90,241 the year before that.
President-elect Barack Obama got more money from Ojai and Ventura area residents than Republican candidates this year. But contributions to Republican candidates and organizations across the board still got more votes than Democratic candidates across the board and Democratic organizations in Ojai and Ventura area.
The web site indicates Obama as receiving the largest total donations from Ojai and the Ventura area with $87,119 from Ojai and $669,172 in the entire Ventura area, including Ojai.
John McCain trailed behind with only $23,723 from Ojai residents and $508,642 in the entire Ventura area, including Ojai.
Mitt Romney was the presidential candidate with $15,750, the third largest contribution from Ojai residents.
Oak View residents, less generous toward political campaigns, gave only $13,528 this year, still more than the $11,275 reported in 2004. Obama still came out as the top recipient from Oak View contributors with $3,550 in contributions from the area.
McCain followed closely behind with $3,140 from Oak View residents. Ron Paul was the presidential candidate with the third highest funds raised from Oak View residents receiving $850, according to Open Secrets.

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Ron Paul you soon will wish you knew about him!!