Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parking Littles in MO

'No Parking' zone plan draws criticism at MAC

By Sondra Murphy

People drive too fast in Meiners Oaks and there is not adequate parking. That was the consensus of comments made at Monday’s Ojai Valley Municipal Advisory Council meeting.
A review of a recent traffic study that proposed establishing three “No Parking” zones along El Roblar Drive at Poli and Alvarado avenues inspired many of those who would be impacted by the zones to attend the meeting and speak up.
“The Department of Public Works did a site line study and found a number of obstructions, like palm trees and such, which have been removed, but they are recommending three ‘No Parking’ zones,” said Steve Offerman of Supervisor Steve Bennett’s office.
Business owners near the proposed “No Parking” areas voiced concerns about losing customer parking along a road with too few spaces to begin with. All voiced support for improving pedestrian and traffic safety along the main street of the unincorporated community and proposed alternative remedies before eliminating spaces. Lot line and setback violations in the neighborhood were also mentioned.
The issue of public parking was brought up as a need for the businesses that are often in the midst of residential areas. “I feel that all of our parking is at such a premium and someone had the good idea of putting in some stop signs,” said Foxy Lady’s Judy Whittington. Crossing or navigating a left turn at any of the streets along El Roblar Drive was said to be difficult, and not just at Poli or Alvarado.
Meiners Oaks residents Jeff Lennon and Carl Rimpa called attention to the asphalt piles at some of the corners along El Roblar and suggested repairs would increase safety, as well. The idea of more sidewalks was broached by several speakers in an almost-too-great-to-hope-for tone.
“The impact we would feel on a regular basis is that people will park in our lot,” said Susan Decordova, president of the Jewish Community of the Oaks. The temple is located near one of the proposed “No Parking” zones. “Also, I just don’t think visibility is going to be improved by this proposal.”
“On behalf of the Department of Transportation who recommended this, they did pick these sites because there are a lot of accidents,” said Meiners Oaks resident Pat Baggerly. Council member Russ Baggerly concurred, saying that the traffic study was initiated by his request due to the number of accidents at those streets.
“I like the idea of a four-way stop,” said council member Lanie Springer. “I know from experience that a stop sign can make a big difference.” She added she had little hope of convincing the county to give the community public parking, however.
“I don’t like the idea as proposed,” said council member Terry Wright. He added that red zones at the corners might improve visibility, as well as limiting the size of vehicles allowed to park on El Roblar Drive.
“I really heard a lot of good things tonight and I think we can agree there is a safety concern,” said Baggerly. “Why don’t we bring this back to the next meeting and discuss it and think of things that can fix all the problems? The way they crowned those drainages is a crime, as far as I’m concerned.”
The council agreed to address the issue more thoroughly at the next meeting. “Let’s see what we can get from the Transportation Division, if we can put stop signs in on El Roblar Drive and if there is a possibility that the county, in all its graciousness, could provide us with public parking.”
The next OVMAC meeting is scheduled for Dec. 15 at 7 p.m. in the Oak View Community Center, 18 Valley Road.


Anonymous said...

Meiners Oaks needs stop signs, street lights, and more police patrol. The town is becoming a total joke with punk thugs and drug dealers.

City watch said...

Meiners oaks needs to get the meth heads out of town. You cannot walk saftley down the streets anymore without the fear of being mugged by some scum bags

Anonymous said...

Form a new police dep.
of private citizens who do not have the special interests the police do.{and if you abuse your power you have to answer for it!}
If you don't enforce the laws soon you need more police.
Cause and solution.

"It's all bad for ya folks"
George C.