Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hanstad, Horgan Qualify For Re-election

Citing lack of other candidates, incumbents reverse earlier decisions

By Daryl Kelley
Rae Hanstad and Sue Horgan officially reversed field this week, filing for re-election to the Ojai City Council in the November election.
The two veteran council members filed for re-election on Monday. Three other potential candidates have also taken out nomination papers, but have not yet filed as candidates — Betsy Clapp, Michael Lenehan and Garrett Clifford. Also mentioned as potential candidates have been attorney Len Klaif and community activist Dennis Leary.
City Clerk Carlon Strobel and City Treasurer Alan Rains have also pulled nomination papers for re-election, but only Strobel has filed them as of press time.
Also on the fall ballot are two seats on the Ojai Unified School District board, seats on the Casitas and Meiners Oaks water boards and on the Ojai Valley Sanitary District and the valley’s Municipal Advisory Council.
The filing deadline is Aug. 8 for each board.
“Several members of the community asked me to reconsider, and I did,” said Hanstad, 57, who announced in April that she wanted to return to private life and that she had done what she’d hoped on the council.
“I think everything is in good shape,” she said Monday, after filing. “But continuity is always good.”
She also acknowledged that her decision was influenced by candidates stepping forward so far to replace her.
“I don’t know them,” she said of the three who’ve pulled nomination papers. “I think if strong established citizens had stepped forward, it may have affected my thinking. Citizens I spoke with felt that not only did I have a strong track record, but there were no logical replacements.”
Hanstad herself had mentioned recently retired county chief executive Johnny Johnston and Bob Roper, county fire chief, as potential candidates, but Johnston has said he’s not interested and Roper has yet to publicly declare if he’ll run.
“So I feel like I’ve been drafted again,” said Hanstad, coordinator of Ventura County’s new anti-methamphetamine task force.
Horgan, now serving as mayor, told the Ojai Valley News recently that she had reconsidered her retirement from public life.
“It has come to my attention that we are not quite as far along with some projects as I had hoped we would be,” she said. “I don’t want to make it sound like I think I can do them myself, I can’t, but I think I have an impact. And I want to make sure the city is moving in the direction we have set.”
She was referring to a state mandate to provide more affordable housing and a long-standing effort to build a new skate park on school district property, which has not yet been secured.
Horgan added Tuesday that her decision to run again was also influenced by the apparent lack of candidates for the council.
“I announced seven months ago that I would not seek re-election,” she said. “I spent a lot of time … trying to get people to step up. And in that time, no candidates emerged so I needed to make a decision.”
Hanstad said she also wants to focus hard on the skate park, the housing plan and a new master plan for development within the city.
“I’m not saying no one else can do this,” she said. “But my contract with the county is flexible, and I’m delighted to serve again. I’m really looking forward to the next four years.”
Hanstad and Horgan have both served two four-year terms.


Rae Hanstad said...

I was the first candidate to take out papers on July 14, unaware of anyone else who might be doing so. My decision to file for reelection was unrelated specifically to the three or more new candidates who have taken out papers. I have, in fact, met with and encouraged others to run in this campaign for City Council, as recently as this morning.

I wish all candidates for all offices the best as we look forward to November 4, 2008.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lets get that Klaif/Leary ticket going again. That should be good for a few laughs and I miss that Uncle Ed (Christmas Vacation) 1972 era Winnebago campaign mobile sitting on Ojai ave!

Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap anonymous- you never
have courage to sign off here or run for public office and stand up for something. Why don't
you turn your brain up a few notches next time you are snoring through another rerun of green acres.

Peter & Paul said...

Is it true Kathi Elliot Jones and Suzna Francina are running on a joint (OP) ticket against them? I heard that last night at the Hub.

Boy, there's a 1-2 punch!!

talk is a bargain said...

to 2:24: a bit of the pot calling the kettle anonymous?? i'm looking forward to this election and hoping it won't devlove into the three-ring cirucs of 2006.

Anonymous said...

Is that "disolve" and "circus"?
Truly you know your subject well.

Anonymous said...

So if Hanstad may have been misunderstood as she seems to imply in here posting on July 22, then why did she change her mind and decide to run again?

And why did Horgan decide to run after convincing the council to give her the Mayor slot in the last year in office. Does she think no one else can take over and do what she can do, or is she saying as a citizen you can’t cause change in this city?

Something's fishy and I would not vote for either of them.

Anonymous said...

no, i meant devolve, look it up - and scuze the typo on circus

Anonymous said...

It seems the lawsuit about the "Affordable housing and Independent Business" initiatives should be an issue for this next election since the City, when the two incumbents were in office, sued one of its citizens and OJAI’s CASE WAS THROUWN OUT OF COURT. The ACLU has taken up and appeal that it was a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). I am surprised the OVN has not covered this as the case could set precedence that would have long lasting effect on the entire initiative process.

billy jean said...

Suza Franzina is running for mayor too?! How Fun!!

billy jack said...

You buck-tooth moron (not you Suza!)she's not running for mayor!
Besides, she's too busy finishing a screen play based on her life (the first 58 years...).

Anonymous said...

Whom the Gods would drive mad they would first elect to the Ojai City Council.

I wouldn't wish it on my second-worst enemy.

Suza said...

A little note to clear up any rumors about running for mayor:

In Ojai the position of mayor is a one-year rotating position, among all (usually) the members of the city council.

In other words, each member of the council gets a turn at being mayor.

The Ojai mayor position is mainly ceremonial, with little more clout than the rest of the council members.

In contrast, the mayor of Los Angeles, for example, is actually the Chief Executive Officer of the City. He or she is elected for a four year term and limited to serving no more than two terms.

Los Angeles has a strong mayor council form of government, giving the mayor the position of chief executive of the city. The city does not have a city manager and as a result, the mayor truly is the one responsible, much like a President or Governor, for the success of the city. The mayor is given the authority to appoint general managers and commissioners, remove officials from city posts, and is required to propose a budget each year. Most of the mayor's appointments and proposals are subject to approval by the City Council, but the mayor has the power of veto or approval of City Council legislation.

I wonder, what are the pros and cons of having this kind of mayor?

Anonymous said...

I sure youre going to tell us Suza...