Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Anti-Gang Task Force Takes Hold in Ojai

By Daryl Kelley
Call him Rudy.
The Ojai youngster was a beating victim not long after he turned 13.
A few months later, he was busted with a baggie of marijuana at school.
By the time he was 15, he was a member of Ojai Valley’s largest and most active youth gang — and was arrested for four more crimes before his next birthday: vandalizing a car, breaking into another, fighting in public and assault with a deadly weapon, when he struck someone with a bottle.
He was convicted or a suspect in a dozen more crimes during the next three years — including three assaults — and celebrated his 19th birthday by joining another gang member in east Ojai to “batter two (victims) with rocks, bricks and a golf club” and stab one victim with a pair of scissors.
That was 14 months ago. And Rudy has spent most of the last year in jail. Six colleagues were also convicted of contributing to the assault, part of a long-standing neighborhood feud
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Anonymous said...

Daryl, what was the edit for "(victims)"? As in “batter two (victims) with rocks, bricks and a golf club” and stab one victim with a pair of scissors." It looks like it might be "whites", or some synonym. It would be interesting to know whatever it was, and why it was edited. Welcome to Ojai, btw.

Anonymous said...

Race does not manner..they are plain JERKS..punks...!!! White, brown, black..or what ever..who cares?

Anonymous said...

That goes without saying.

But why did OVN choose to edit "...(victims)..."? What was that description? This gang member picked his "victims" and it looks like the edit is the criteria. Aren't you interested in how a gang member chooses "victims"?