Thursday, February 8, 2007

Beneficiaries of War

With hundreds of billions being spent and tens of thousands of lives lost, who do you think is really benefitting from the war in Iraq and why?


Anonymous said...

From your blog headline:

"Please limit this blog to Ojai-related news items."

I agree.

evan austin said...

if anonymous is saying that a multi-billion-dollar, hundreds-of-thousands-of-lives illegal war over a commodity that we are entirely dependent on is not Ojai-related, then i strongly disagree.

Ventura County alone has spent over ONE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS (that's a billion to those who can count that high) on this war. we're whining about the high cost of cleaning up graffiti and sheltering the homeless, while money flies overseas to fund death and imperialism. Lenny's post doesnt ask what the war's about or who started it or anything like that, so i dont intend to divert the topic. i simply find it very small to think that Ojai continues to be isolated from the world in every way. we tend to talk out of both sides of our mouths by becoming enraged over mining trucks and protecting our life-blood of tourism dollars (coming from elsewhere, affecting us), but hiding in the shadows of this occupation of another country. either the "outside world" affects us, or it doesnt.

clearly, i believe that it does. and not just economically. i KNOW that there is a strong community within our community who feels - often literally - the pain of death and destruction being carried out in our names. we organize and agonize over this because war affects us all emotionally too.

who's benfitting? it's almost cliche to say, but it looks like corporations and contractors to me. as i consider all the players, i dont feel confident that the American People, American troops, or Iraqis of any sort are benefitting. time to buy Halliburton stock.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, does no one think it is at all possible that getting Saddam Husein out of power did any good? Or that taking out an evil dictator whom we set up was the right and proper thing to do? And as to Iraqis not gaining benefits: Would it be better to let them be senselessly slaughtered by an evil dictator?

Anonymous said...

Thank you ananemes for said what you say. Me and everybody I know think what you say. You are smart. George Bush is good and smart man, and world is better with no Sadam. Those Irakis should lern how to say thank you. I pray every day for our brave solders who fight so you and me are free. They should kill all those ungrateful Iraks and just burn that country down. I praised the Lord when we hanged that Sadam. You are smart just like Rush and you make me proud to be American.

Anonymous said...

The terrorists will just leave us alone, if we retreat. Saddam was just bluffing, we knew it all along even though he himself didn't know there were no WMDs. Everyone, light a candle and dress in black and stand out in the cold! That is the way to take action, and make terrorists understand and accept us the way we accept them.

To the poster above: see how easy sarcasm is? No thought, reason or facts required, just "feelings."