Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Commission Rejects Pini's Request

By Nao Braverman
The Ojai Planning Commission unanimously rejected Dario Pini's request to be allowed to keep some of the ornamental details he has added to the refurbished hotel on 406 W. Ojai Avenue.
Pini's architect told commissioners that he and Pini agreed with much of of the city planner's recommendations including some changes to the parking structure and trash enclosure. He asked commissioners if he could keep the ornamental tiles on the dome and on the structure.
"You seem to have a profound disrespect of our findings and approvals," said Commissioner Steven Foster. "I think we have to be careful that we don't set a precedent. We have to show that we can't be manipulated in a way that this is being brought to the commission tonight.
Commissioners rejected Pini's request and approved the planning staff's recommendation that Pini undo some of the additions to the new hotel that were not previously approved by the commission.

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Anonymous said...

Please never approve of anything Dario Pini does. He is not only a thief but he is a rapist ('81 was the year I was his victim. When I went to the police they said I 'had no chance' as other women during that era had the same experience and tried to file charges.

He was charming as he initially introduced me to his grandmother where I worked. He was handsome, was a 'retired' baseball player, 'charming', had money.

He invited me to a pot luck but no one showed (I was new to the area, living in Los Olivos so that 'seemed safe'. He slipped something in a drink, faked a 'potluck' (no one showed and he smirked at my ignorance that I would fall for that) and I went through terror on my first and last 'date' with him. (I was young and new to the area)

This is when he lived high on I (believe the southside) hill with no close neighbors who could hear my screams.

I heard later the reason he was kicked off the As and his abuse toward women (and men) was one of them.

I have been in counseling and decided to see if justice was ever served.

It took me 27 years.

I am doing better and will drop this horrible chapter of my life.

I hope he rots in jail someday and that he is the victim.


A survivor