Tuesday, February 20, 2007

El Camino Runs Afoul of Ojai Planners

By Nao Braverman
The city of Ojai is eager for the opening of a refurbished El Camino Motel, soon to be called the Chantico Inn. But despite the Planning Commission’s ardent expectations, owner Dario Pini can’t seem to get things right in the eyes of Ojai’s planners.
The most recent design for the property at 406 W. Ojai Ave., submitted to the city almost six months ago was welcomed by planning commissioners who have long awaited the renovation of a 14-year-old eyesore at the downtown entryway.
But while planners are pleased to see the dilapidated structure being cleaned up, they were expecting a simple, understated Mission Revival design, not the ornate construction recently bedecked with bright ornamental sunflower tiles.
City manager Jere Kersnar explained that the most pressing issues that planners had with the project were more technical. The pool deck area was constructed larger than planned, cramping the parking area and endangering pedestrians on the sidewalk near the lot.
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Anonymous said...

Pini has some lessons on how to do business in Ojai, in this context, and not where he comes from in SB where he leaves a sad
and sordid legacy of slumlording...